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Episode 04 | Lou

“Don’t tie my shoe, mother f***er!”

Lou Hammonds started out like lots of kids — playing Little League with neighbors and classmates, getting good grades and attending summer school, just because he wanted to.

But by the time he was a teenager, Lou was pursuing a career as a criminal. He built a life around trying to become the “worst of the worst.” His goal was to keep up with other young men who had committed multiple homicides.

The law caught up with him, of course, and he wound up with a life sentence in a supermax prison.

That’s not the end of Lou’s story, though. Something unexpected happened inside that remote prison’s walls that made Lou change — for good.


Audiobinger | Bottom Feeders, My Downfall, Stress
Blue Dot Sessions | Gusty Hollow
Ketsa | Mindset, Good Evening Melancholy
Komiku | The Wind
Ryan Little | West Coast

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