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Episode 05 | A Gray Winter’s Tale

Welcome to Gray Area’s  special year-end episode. As the days reach their shortest and coldest extremes here in the northern hemisphere, humans of every culture find reasons to come together and celebrate holidays, traditions, and community. So for this episode, we reached out to three people who’ve been separated from their communities, whether by their own actions, by force or by happenstance. We asked them what they do to reclaim and redefine the spirit of community in the face of imprisonment, disaster, racism or displacement.

Listen as they share their ideas for making your ‘white Christmas’ just a little more gray.


Gilbert Bao
Claudia Meléndez Salinas
David Little

PRODUCERS | Julie Reynolds Martínez and Mara Reynolds

The Camp Fire | David Little

Above is the photo David Little took with a cell phone the morning of Nov 8.

Here’s the full poem (click the button to change from English to Spanish) by Claudia Meléndez Salinas.

And here’s a link to a story by Gilbert Bao about making prison tamales, as well as the actual recipe and techniques! (BONUS: Learn how to make a prison “stinger.”)


Ketsa | Day Before Tomorrow | night fall
Monplaisir | Brotherhood
Doctor Turtle | Always the Teasmade Never the Tease | Stuff Will Never Love You Back
Blue Dot Session | Copley Beat
Lobo Loco | Catch The Killer (ID 820)
John Batmann | Tupac Lives

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