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Episode 06 | Unless Death Wants To Fight

This season, our stories have centered mostly around criminal justice — people caught up in violence, courts and prison.

But in Episode Six, we explore how the law intersects with what can be the most intimate and difficult decision a person ever makes — if they get the chance: choosing how to die.

Death is likely the most difficult thing we will all face sooner or later. But mourning the death of a loved one can be harder still when they’ve decided to die.  And then… there’s coming to terms with the fact that you supported this choice.

And this concludes Season One! Thanks to everyone who’s listened and shared their stories and reviews.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Canadian Government page on Medical Assistance in Dying
Canada’s Supreme Court Ruling
A Good Day to Die, by Kathryn McKenzie

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Bill Monning
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Kathy McKenzie

Julie Reynolds Martínez and Mara Reynolds

Blue Dot Sessions  | Elmore Heights | Allston Night Owl
Lobo Loco | Just A Moment 
Meydan | Tired of Life
Lobo Loco | Adored
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David Hilowitz | Time Passing
Ketsa | better offers | blue violets

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